What Is A Great Routine To Have Before Bedtime?

Summary. Having a great routine before bedtime can make a world of difference for your mental and physical wellbeing. To wind down at night, start by taking five or ten minutes to stretch your muscles to relax your body and mind. Spend at least a few minutes thinking about your successes of the day and savour the feeling of contentment that brings. Then, turn off electronic devices to ensure you’ll get a full night of restful sleep. Finishing with something like aromatherapy, relaxation music, or a hot bath can help leave you feeling peaceful and ready to take on the next day.

Having a great routine before bedtime is essential to having a good night’s sleep. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety and promote improved physical and mental health. But with our fast-paced lifestyles, it can be difficult to create and maintain an effective bedtime routine. Do you have an existing bedtime routine? If so, is it helping you to get better sleep? What are your favourite activities as part of your pre-bedtime routine? Bedtime routines provide us with the perfect opportunity to get in some valuable ‘me time’ to unwind after a long day.

The key is to find activities that are calming for your mind and body. Whether it’s reading a book, doing stretches and yoga, or listening to relaxing music, incorporating activities that help you to relax into your pre-bedtime routine will enhance your sleep environment. But what is the perfect bedtime routine to help you to sleep soundly? Creating an environment to wind down in the evening is important for helping us to drift off to sleep. Are there any activities that you’d like to incorporate in your pre-bedtime routine? How do you find time for ‘me-time’ in the evening?

These are all important questions to consider when planning your bedtime routine. It’s great to make your bedtime routine personal to you and incorporate activities that you enjoy. Taking time for yourself each evening to unwind pre-bed contributes to healthier and more restful sleep. Do you have a great routine before bedtime that you’d like to share? Let’s discuss our ideas and find out which are the best activities for a great pre-bedtime routine.

Setting Yourself Up For Success: Preparing for Bedtime

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Your routine should take into account your individual needs and wants, but these few tips will help ensure that your routine helps you get the most out of your sleep. First, plan to wind down an hour or so before bed. This time should be taken to focus on calming and relaxing activities. You might take a hot bath or shower, read a book, listen to music, or stretch or meditate. Avoid activities that require concentration or intense focus, such as playing video or computer games.

Eating a heavy meal and drinking caffeinated beverages right before bed can cause poor sleep or even insomnia. Instead, opt for something light and soothing like warm milk or herbal tea. Third, create a cozy and comfortable environment conducive to sleep. This includes making sure you have comfortable bedding, a good temperature in your room, and minimal noise and light distractions. Consider investing in blackout curtains, air filters, and a sound machine to maximize your optimal sleeping environment. Fourth, if you consistently have trouble sleeping, consider herbal supplements before resorting to prescription drugs.

Develop a Calming Ritual

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Creating a calming ritual can be a great way to create a peaceful, relaxing end to the day. Before you go to bed, take some time out to focus on winding down, calming your body, and preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep. A great routine to have before bedtime includes a few simple steps.

This could include things like reading, taking a bath or shower, stretching, or listening to some calming music. Aim to have a digital detox and avoid screens as much as possible in the lead up to bedtime, as the blue light of phones and tablets can interfere with your melatonin levels and make it hard to settle down. You could also dim the lights in your room and use candles or essential oils to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Incorporating gratitude into your bedtime routine is also a great way to set a positive tone for the night as reflecting on the things that you’re grateful for can help to shift your mindset away from any worries or anxieties that you’re feeling. Creating a calming ritual is the perfect way to end the day, as it helps to clear your mind and set your intention for the night ahead. You don’t need to incorporate all of these activities into your routine every night; simply focus on finding the tools and activities that help you feel relaxed, and build a habit of taking time to reflect and practice self-care before you settle in for the night.

Quiet the Mind with Reading

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One of the best ways to help yourself quiet the mind and wind down for bedtime is to read. Reading can be a powerful, calming activity that encourages us to relax. Taking some time to read can help us to transition from our everyday, busy lives to a quieter, calmer evening. Reading can be a great way to help us refocus and relax, so looking for something that helps us do just that is important. A calm reader might want to find books that are not too stimulating or exciting, as that could make it even harder to settle down and sleep.

Finding a comfortable place to read can make the experience more enjoyable on a physical level. Many readers prefer to find a spot that provides comfort, such as a cozy spot on the couch or a quiet corner. Lighting is also important to consider, as bright overhead lights can interfere with relaxation. Utilizing a soft lamp, dimmer switch, or candlelight can be more conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. It can also be helpful to read for a limited amount of time.

Journaling to Release Your Thoughts

Journaling is a great way to do this, as it gives your innermost thoughts and feelings a safe space to be expressed. Before you start writing, take a few moments to become centered and allow yourself to relax – deep breathing exercises and yoga are good for this.

This releases the mental burden that’s been weighing on you, allowing you to feel lighter as you further relax into your bedtime ritual. Next, think about your goals and dreams; write them down and really spend time visualizing what achieving them would look like and how great it will make you feel once they become reality. This serves to boost your confidence as you’re reminded of the strength and ability you have to make your dreams come true.

It could be a cherished moment with a loved one, a small win, an accomplishment, or just the sun setting over your favorite view. Gratitude and positive energy will help ease you into a restful sleep. By journaling before bed, you release any trapped emotions and cultivate a positive attitude that will permeate through your dreams and, hopefully, into the following morning. If you take just a few minutes out of that most precious time before sleep to express yourself through journaling, and to focus your thoughts on optimism and gratitude, you’ll be on your way to a completely different kind of end-of-day experience.

Tension Release Through Gentle Stretching

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Before bedtime, it’s a great idea to take a few moments to practice a gentle stretching routine. Stretching can help relieve tension in your body and mind and prepare you for a better quality of sleep. Plus, studies suggest that stretching can also help you become more flexible and manage stress better. There are a few essential stretches you can do right before bedtime to help you relax and release tension. Start by lying on your back on a comfortable surface with your legs extended and your arms alongside your body.

Repeat this stretch five times slowly, allowing your body to relax with each movement. Next, relax into a Child’s Pose-on your hands and knees, bring your forehead to the ground and rest your buttocks on your heels. This helps the spine to stretch gently while calming your nervous system. Next, bring your right leg up to your chest and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Roll onto your side and bring your left leg up, and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. This helps loosen tight muscles in your hips and low back while releasing tension in your body.

Nighttime Aromatherapy: Soothing Scents to Ease Into Sleep

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,Using the calming scents of aromatherapy to settle into a peaceful state of sleep has been common practice for centuries. The ritual of nighttime aromatherapy is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to end each day. Whether it be enhancing the atmosphere of a room, breathing in the aroma of essential oils, or enjoying a comforting cup of tea, the effects of aromatherapy will help you relax in preparation for a good night’s rest. An ideal bedtime routine for using nighttime aromatherapy starts with setting up a space for relaxation.

This helps to create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom that can help promote feelings of peace and balance. Next, try diffusing essential oils into the air. Lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood are all popular choices for promoting relaxation. Finally, indulging in a cup of tea or hot cocoa while listening to calming music can help ease mind and body into a state of restfulness.

Aromatherapy is thought to help the body regulate its sleep and wake cycles, enhancing the body’s natural ability to ease into a peaceful sleep and remain in deep sleep. This, in turn, helps refresh the body and mind by providing more restorative and thorough sleep. Taking time out of the evening for the relaxing ritual of nighttime aromatherapy will leave you feeling refreshed and calmer the next day. As a bonus, not only will your body and mind thank you, but your bedroom and its calming scent will always be inviting.

Set the Mood with Relaxing Music

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One way to find relaxation and peace of mind is to enjoy some relaxing music before sleep. Just like any other nightly routine, taking a few moments to put on some calming tracks before bedtime will help your body get into a relaxing mood so that you can drift off to sleep easily and peacefully.

Because of this, ambient, instrumental, and classical music are often recommended for the best sleep. The music should also be low-key to avoid your body feeling energized instead of relaxed. Additionally, choosing music with no lyrics can be helpful as it removes the cognitive work of trying to decipher the words. Setting the mood with some calming music before bedtime can also be combined with some calming breathing exercises, gentle stretching, and even massage techniques.

Putting on some Mindfulness music with Kirtan, relaxation, and light jazz are also good options that can create a sense of peace and help to decrease feelings of anxiety or restlessness. 

The Takeaway: Bottom Line

What is a great routine to have before bedtime? It is important for all of us to wind down and relax before we settle into bed. A regular bedtime routine can help you to create a healthy sleeping schedule and promote better quality sleep. The best routine to have before bedtime is to set a consistent bedtime and wake time. This allows your body to get into a rhythm for sleeping and waking, making it easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Additionally, it is important to create a calming environment.

Instead, try using faint lighting and listen to calming music to set the atmosphere. Engaging in relaxing activities such as having a cup of tea, meditating or deep breathing, stretching, or reading a book can also help to start your bedtime routine. If your thoughts are racing or if you are feeling stressed or anxious, journaling or writing down your thoughts can help to unburden your mind. Having a warm bath or shower with calming essential oils can also provide a sense of relaxation and set the mood before lying in bed. These simple habits can create a healthy and comfortable bedtime routine, helping you to achieve restful slumber.

By having a consistent and calming routine before bed, you can set yourself up for an optimal night’s sleep and wake up feeling completely refreshed and reenergized. Do you already have a bedtime routine that helps you get a good night’s sleep? Do you have any tips for creating the perfect bedtime routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

FAQs: The Insider View

What is the 10 3 2 1 bedtime routine?

Get ready for bed:

  • Change into comfortable sleepwear, use the bathroom, brush teeth, etc.
  • Read a book: Spend 10 minutes reading a favorite book or bedtime story. 
  • Quiet time: Spend 3 minutes doing a quiet activity such as mindfulness meditation, listening to relaxing music, or deep breathing.
  • Express gratitude: Spend 2 minutes reflecting on your day and things you’re grateful for.
  • Lights out: Say goodnight and turn out the lights.

What is the 10 3 1 rule?

This concept stresses the importance of quick decision-making and execution when it comes to passing the football in a professional game.

What is the 3 2 1 bedtime rule?

The rule goes as follows – three minutes before bed, the child should start winding down and engage in a quiet activity; then two minutes before bed, the child should put away any remaining toys or items that are not sleep-related; and one minute before bed the child should be finished with play and get ready for bed.

What is the golden rule of sleep?

Wake up when you’re refreshed.

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